Friday, July 20, 2012

Sometimes I Just Want To Stay In Bed

A few days before it rains I just can't move and want to stay in bed. Well honestly I stay in bed until 1 or 2 pm on those days by then I have mustered the strength to get up and take my medication. This also happens the days that it is cloudy or raining out, though once it is raining I seem to feel a little better. It really affects my life, not sure how I'm going to get active again. I just can't do what some people do. I guess to some degree I do. Because when I see something has to be done no matter how I feel I go do it. Some times with tears running down my face because it hurts so bad, which of course usually is followed by anger. Once the anger hits then I get more strength guess it numbs the pain to some degree. Yesterday I was mowing my lawn and I'm sure passersby thought I was nuts, lol, with the tears, the swearing, the pouting, and the angry face. I sure must of been a frightful sight. But I had to, my kids have been sick most of the summer so far and the grass was tall so what else was I gonna do? I could barely pull or push the darn thing, and besides that I could barely move my legs, and to top that cake nicely off I had to keep starting it (someone came to the door, I ran over edging and the thing stalled on me) Ugh! Just thinking of it upsets me, lol. And while I'm in this here lovely mood I hate yawning also because my jaw hurts so bad when I do! I try and go to sleep before I start yawning but with a family, that doesn't always happen because you want to be there for them too. If anybody has had lock jaw they might know what it feels like, I've been told that's how it feels when you have that. I've never had lock jaw so I wouldn't have a clue.

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