Wednesday, July 18, 2012


As you all know I suffer from arthritis and this affects all jobs that I get. I am always let go because of not being able to move and keep the steady pace up that I start out with. I look healthy so employers and co-workers see me as able, but my body wont let me. Co-workers get mad at me for not pulling my weight on the job. Employers even those that do understand have to let me go. I can't afford to feed my family, pay my bills nothing at this rate. My husband has fallen ill so I need to take over at this time, and nobody will hire me! I'm not even in my forties yet so this is very difficult to handle, why does my body have to be old?. Sorry all for this negative post but as all who suffer from arthritis know that depression is part of it also. Anyways that's why I blog, lol.

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