Friday, July 13, 2012

Arthritis Sufferer

I have suffered with arthritis symptoms all my life. I was always told it was growing pains and that it would go away. Well I learned to put the pain to the back of my mind and got numb to the pain as time went on. It was bearable so I didn't complain all that much as time went on. In my thirties I got severe joint pain where I began to think my joints were out of place. I was using my arms to drag myself around and keep myself upright because my knees couldn't keep my body upright. I had to quit my job as a DSW, a job that I really enjoy. This affected my jaw, knees, neck, feet, my self esteem and now my hands. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis a couple of years ago. This affects my walking, working and even eating. There are days I feel like I've lost about 20 years of my life, and I'm only in my late mid thirties.  I hope that I am able to offer some support for other sufferers, and find support for myself also. I wish everyone all the best.

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